Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tom Fletcher= love u!!!!!!!!!!!....hahaha..

Tom Fletcher - (Guitar and Vocals)

NAME: Tom Fletcher
DATE & PLACE OF BIRTH: 17/07/1985, Harrow (18)
WHAT DO YOU DO IN MCFLY: Guitars and vocals
FAMILY DETAILS: little sister
ANY PETS: Dog and cat
FAVE FILM: The Beach / Vanilla Sky / Almost Famous / Shawshank Redemption / Back to the Future / Ghostbusters!
FAVE TV PROGRAMME: Friends, Dawsons Creek (no I’m not gay!)
ALL-TIME FAVE SONG: Fun Fun Fun / Superman (Five for Fighting)
FAVE BAND: The Beachboys
FAVE MALE SINGER: Tom Delonge / Justin Timberlake
FIRST GIG: Bryan Adams
BEST GIG: Limp Bizkit
FAVE DRINK: Grape and melon high juice
FAVE FOOD: Pizza, pop tarts
BAD HABITS: Pissing in swimming pool
BIGGEST TURN ON: Katie Holmes!!!!
BIGGEST TURN OFF: Harry’s feet!
FAVE SUBJECT AT SCHOOL, AND WHY: Art, music and science … don’t know why!
WHO INSPIRES YOU: Beach boys and dad
MOST EMBARRASING MOMENT: Fell over a massive sign outside a packed pub at lunchtime with all my friends
FAVE CHAT UP LINE: Don’t use them … might explain why I am single!
HOBBIES/SPORTS: Guitar, hate football!

im not gay..i just admire tom's voice,physical appearance n others..

8:31 AM

GGGGGGuys..listen to mcfly's u like all the song..=)

mcfly is just awesome..haha
let me tell u briefly 'bout mcfly band..

McFly are a pop rock band who first found fame in 2004. The band was founded by Tom Fletcher (lead vocals/guitar) and also consists of Danny Jones (lead vocals/guitar), Dougie Poynter (vocals/bass guitar) and Harry Judd (drums). They are managed by Prestige Management, and were signed to the Island Records label from their launch until December 2007, before creating their own label, Super Records.[2]

McFly's debut album, Room on the 3rd Floor, debuted at #1 in the UK album chart and is certified as double platinum, this lead to the band becoming known as the youngest band ever to have an album debut at #1 - a title taken from The Beatles. A month after the album was released, the band had their first UK headlining tour. The band's second album, Wonderland, also charted at #1 in the UK, and was released in 2005. Their third album, Motion in the Ocean, was released on 6 November 2006 and charted at #6 in the UK.McFly released their All the Greatest Hits compilation album on 5 November 2007, which charted at #4 in the UK.The band's fourth studio album, Radio:Active, was given away for free as a supplement in The Mail on Sunday on 20 July 2008, before being released in the conventional manner (via physical release) on the 22nd September 2008. As of December 2008, McFly have had sixteen consecutive top twenty singles, seven of which reached #1 in the UK Singles Chart and fifteen of which were consecutive top ten singles.

McFly appeared in the teen comedy film Just My Luck, starring Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine, in 2006. The band played themselves in the film and released a US album, "Just My Luck", which was also used as the film's soundtrack. the list of mcfly's song which u should listen 1st ;
1. All about you 9. Falling in love
2. I've got you 10. Broccoli
3. That girl 11. Don't stop me now
4. Star Girl
5. Sorry's not good enough
6. Memory lane
7. Ultraviolet
8. The heart never lies
and others..

after listen, tell me ur oponion about;p

8:07 AM

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tagged by Ashraf

Rules and regulation :-
-Do not copy answer.
-The tag question must be 100% the same.
-Tag people after doing tag.

  1. Md Isa
  2. Sharifah Masturah
  3. Hafrezz
  4. Aqilah
  5. Aiman
  6. Adeep
  7. Syafiq
  8. Effy
  9. Ashraf

1.How do you know 1?
he's my dad/abah..

2.What would you did if you never meet 2?
idk coz that's my mom..

3.What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
stupid question..3 is my bro n 4 is my sis..for what they want to date with

4.Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
absolutely not a good couple..they're not gay..=)

5.Do you think 7 is attractive?

6.Do you know anything about 8's family?
yup i knw..hehe..especially her..

7.Tell me something about 9?
something??i know a lot about him.Erm,very funny,a good listener,hardworking..huh..he's inpired me to be like him..haha..xD

8.What language does 2 speak?
malay and english

9.Who is 3 going out with?
i have no idea..

10.How old is number 4?
20..future lawyer..8)

11teen this year..

12.Who is 6's favourite singer?
HIM and mcr..i guess so

weslife or lifehouse..easy to say,same with me

14.Is 8 single?.

15.What's 9 last name?
ashraf.His dad name Md.Isa.

16.Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
haha..of course because he's my dad

17.Which school does 2 go to?
urrrm,British english school..(perhaps)..i need 2 ask her

18.What do you like about no 3?
he's intelligent

7:16 AM

im getting tired n tired to overcome my dull life..idk what else to do to disappear my bored..

im singing in bathroom,dancing with teddy bear,talking to the trees..damn activities..

for now,cooking might be 2nd way to release my stress..
-its quite difficult to learn because i need 2 remember all the steps that my mom teach me..
-when i asked my mom too many question,she said to me 'hush,look and learn!'
-keep smiling though idk..hehehe be continue..=)

6:25 AM

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Day after day,
time passed away,

I was so bored with holiday routine..

no awesome activities nor happy incident happen..

this week,my friends(adeep and adi) and i always hang out at Mcd..including today..;]

we just eating,laughing and talking about
oowwh ya..
my status=single..available and unavailable(depends on me)..xD

actually,there's a lot of things to write regarding on me today
but..i'm not ready to write it

continue later..more about me and my activities (tomorrow)

9:59 AM

Saturday, December 13, 2008

oohh my fellows,i frgt 2 tell u bout my hobby..chess is one of my beloved hobby..i cant live without playing chess..chess help me 2 release my stress..let me tell u briefly bout chess..A board game for two players, each beginning with 16 pieces of six kinds that are moved according to individual rules, with the objective of checkmating the opposing king..Chess is "probably the best game there is for developing logical, precise thinking..” In addition, chess: ..before you start playing chess,have a deep breath n clam down..Remember,dont let emotion control you..dont show off and dont you ever talk 2 your opponent..just smile and say i'll kick ur ass..hahaha..kidding..just say hye..after that,play the game and think wisely..look at ur opponent's move when u play chess..always be alert..before u make a move think bout the consequences..chess is not just a game,it is a mind war between two people..though u lose,it does not mean u lose forever..keep practice and play and play till u become a good player..;]

9:28 PM

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

say hi to me,=p..
i can't hear you..louder please!!!..
Call me amirool..eh2..ashraf..eh2..=)..
either one..
actually my full name is Muhammad Amirool Ashraf Bin Md Isa..
born August 3rd 1991..
funny+serious+kind+hardworking+sometime lazy+not
a sleepy head+loved trying to be a perfect person(though i know i can't)+=my ambition is to become a scientist and genius??ridiculous..
im half intelligent and half smart..hahaha..kidding..
eeerrrgggh,98% is smart+normal,2% is stupid..
my two idols is Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton..
huh,give me a minute..

9:24 PM